Tropical Journeys is a personalized travel company that specializes in trips in and around Southeast Asia. We are independently owned, fully licensed, and based in Asia with our head office in Hochiminh, Vietnam and other 5 showcased destinations of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia which ensure we have the expertise, skill and insight to take travelers on unforgettable, inspiring and creative journeys.

We are dedicated and passionate about travel in Asia, and we’re proud of ourselves to offer specialized and creative itineraries with a range of ‘Tailored Experiences’ made available only to our travelers and valued partners


Experience Asia as we know it…vibrant, exciting, and enticing. It is home for the members of our well-travelled local and international team. This first-hand knowledge and personal experience forms the foundation of each one of our group journeys and independent tours.

Our management team takes pride in sharing the region they know and love by exploring and developing longstanding relationships with many of the other leading travel companies that know Asia such as Peregrine and Gecko’s Adventures, Imaginative Travellers, Exodus Travel, Saddle Skedaddle, Chameleon Worldwide, Sawadee Reisen, Koning Aap and Shoestring …


In the mid-’90s when most Asian tour companies were operating with imported tour leaders, we made the decision to only use local tour leaders. We realised the unique access that comes with being guided by someone who lives and breathes the daily life of each place.

It was a radical thing to do but we have never looked back. Our local leaders help you really get inside a destination and continue to form part of our original service philosophy. They can speak the language, read the menus, understand the day-to-day world around them, offer personal insights into their history and culture, and are passionate about sharing their homeland.

Using local leaders is also part of our commitment to responsible tourism. By basing ourselves in Asia and employing local tour leaders, we aim to have more understanding of the cultures we visit so our trips can be more culturally sensitive. Our local leaders help ensure we celebrate our differences with respect, understanding, and mutual benefit.






A timely response 

     know that a fast response is imperative for success in our industry, and as your partners on the ground we are committed to getting back to every inquiry the same day or at the most within 48 hours.


Commitment to personalized 1-on-1 service

    The basis of our travel model and business model is the idea that each and every visitor gets the one on one service and attention they deserve. From working with a personal travel expert, to planning a totally unique trip, we like to do things the old fashioned way… one on one!



Responsible Travel

    All of our trips are culturally and environmentally sensitive so that the people and places we visit are always taken into consideration. From supporting local economies to following local customs we make sure the only impact our travelers have is a positive one.


Great Travel Value

         We make it a point to give you great travel value on every trip by working directly with local partners and uncovering the best value experiences. Creating value for our travelers is built into the way our company is set up and run on every level.


In-Depth Local Knowledge

      It’s really important to us to truly know the places we take our guests. Having in-depth knowledge of each country, city, site, and town… where they have been, are, and are headed… means that we can give our travelers great value and a meaningful experiences on every trip.

   Expert Local Leaders

        Nothing is more special than authentic travel so we make sure that our trips are guided by people who know and love each of our unique destinations. Our fantastic local leaders were born and raised here and it’s part of their job to share their passion and insight with you!